Open up your Google search page. Start typing in can you trust. As soon as you enter the portion of the search query the Google auto-fill immediately provides you with options to select from. The first is beezid (whatever the hell that is), the second is birth control (an understandable inquiry), and then bovada, as in can you trust bovada. To be honest we assumed variations of the female dog moniker to pop up before this well known sportsbook but we suppose that is the state of affairs isn’t it? Snoop and Drake already let us know we can’t trust bitches, but when it comes to certain online sportsbooks public facing answers are very rarely clear.

Can You Trust Bovada

Bovada, being the biggest name in online sports betting, garners a lot of online research before prospective players go through the registration process and deposit funds into their betting account. Bovada spends a fortune in brand advertising, putting itself in the public eye so as to be on the tips of the tongues of anyone looking to wager on up and coming games. However just because it’s the most recognized brand in the business does not mean players will flock to it on name alone. That’s where online sports betting review sites like ours come in. So how do you judge Bovada?

5 Reasons Why You Can Trust Bovada Sportsbook

Can You Trust Bovada
  1. It’s Easy
    One of the most frustrating things for players is to arrive at an online sportsbook for the first time and find themselves staring at an interface design that baffles them. Bovada does not assume that you’re a well-seasoned online sports bettor with uncanny web navigation skills. It offers a clean, easy to use interface that allows you to navigate sport to sport, check out the lines, and get an overall feel for the experience before signing up and depositing. Once you have made the decision to play, the registration process is as easy as can be. Confusion leads to mistrust, and thus Bovada’s clean design and navigation excels in removing any first time apprehension that you may feel.
  2. First Time Deposits Pay-Off
    Bovada gains your trust by rewarding players from the moment they are ready to make a deposit. When playing their sportsbook (their Casino offers even better incentives) you can earn a 50% deposit bonus up to $250. Deposit $100, your account reads $150. Not a bad way to start playing, huh? This offers players some breathing room while they get a feel for the product experience. Only brands that trust their own offering will provide that learning curve leeway to players, in order to gain that consumer trust in return. Click to compare best sportsbook deposit bonuses.
  3. A Decade and a Half and Going Strong
    While the brand may have experienced a transition or two (hey, even Coca Cola does this) over the years the bottom line is that they’ve been in business for nearly a decade and a half, and they aren’t go anywhere anytime soon. There are many fly-by-night sportsbooks out there (bitcoin sports betting anyone?) that come and go like supposed superstars a season after draft day, but where would you rather trust your money? Bovada is here to stay and is where your money should play.
  4. Mainstream Media Cred
    Who cares about the positive word from the street? When it comes to mainstream media credibility you will find no sportsbook more often used as a reference to sporting odds for major media outlets than Bovada. From ESPN to USA Today to the LA Times, Bovada’s sportsbook is quoted by major media conglomerates across North America on a consistent basis. If you can’t trust the media, who can you trust, right? You get the idea. These sources would’t put their name on the line unless they were confident in putting BovadaŠ²’s name out there.
  5. Customer Service That Actually Exists
    Ever get that feeling that when you pick up the phone to contact customer service, for anything, that you’re on the line with some English-as-a-third-language intern working remotely from his/her’s parent’s hut overseas? Well when you’re putting your money on the line to bet on sports you will want to shake that lingering feeling and there is no better place to alleviate this than with Bovada’s sportsbook. Their customer support line (1-888-263-0000) is available and fully capable to answer your questions and concerns around the clock without giving you the run around.
    In conclusion, another thing that validates that you can trust Bovada is the fact that you have found them right here on our online sports betting review site provides the most trusted of online sports betting reviews, delivering unbias assessments of online sportsbooks to the public looking to have fun and make some money while betting on their favorite sports. For more information on Bovada please view our Bovada sportsbook review.
Can You Trust Bovada

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